Hello Dear ones,

I was born with a special sensitivity to feel the pain for others. I remember feeling devastated when I saw news or heard of someone’s suffering. The empathy I feel for others have encouraged me to seek the path of a healer to help people who are in pain and suffering. Everyone has the right to be happy and healthy.

From an early age I questioned my purpose in this world, and the search for that answer took me down different paths. I studied religion, philosophy, quantum physics, sacred geometry and more traditions to discover the truth. In the end I realized that all the answers are within oneself, therefore our potential is unlimited.

Today, I know that any challenge can be turned into an opportunity to grow, and we must face these challenges as they do not happen at random but only occur to teach us important lesson.

I discovered that our body and mind are invaluable tools, with a perfect design that is capable of regeneration, healing, and adapting. Many diseases come from an emotional and energetic imbalance. During my search for knowledge and truth, I practiced as a Reiki teacher and a Thai yoga massage practitioner. However, my therapies became very customized to each person, since I am convinced that every human being is unique and has a particular form and rhythm to heal. It is my goal and motivation to know the needs of my patients and to help them find the therapy that suits them best.

Today, I continue to train in different practices and healing therapies, learning and applying my knowledge in my own experience, to share them with those around me and thus become the change I want to see in the world.

You have the power to heal yourself; Allow me to show you how.

Light and love,

Luz Angelica.